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Why you should join the ChangeRoots Movement, like, soon.


Stay current with political news. We curate a daily feed of political activity. It’s pretty great.


Get *potent* by using micro-donations. Add umph to your “likes” and “dislikes”.


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Why it works

‘Cause behavioral science said so. Immediate, specific and consequential feedback works. Learn more.

ChangeRoots is how we get from Toxic Partisanship to Post Partisanship.

  • Do Better
  • If a politician acts like a toxic partisan, we fund their opponent.

  • Keep It Up
  • If they lead with integrity, we fund their campaign.

It’s easy to stop at complaining. Troublemakers know what good looks like and this ain’t it. We’re here to do something about it. Learn more about the 7 characteristics toxic partisanship.

You came to save America; you’ll stay for this pump up speech:

We put a call out for people to stand for integrity and now people are claiming their power across America. There are many ways to #claimyourpower; ChangeRoots is one. Check it out here.