Character Over Party

I have a new mantra.

I don’t care what party you identify with.

I care that you have integrity.

Are eager to work across the aisle.

And have the courage to accept short-term pain for long-term gain.

Take a moment and step outside your political ideology. Consider the qualities you want in someone you choose to follow. Remove the loving eyes you have for your own tribe. Imagine how a politician, progressive or conservative, with integrity who worked across the aisle on long term solutions would act each day. Now imagine each congressperson and senator possesses those qualities.

What do you see? What does our democracy look like?

Once you start valuing character, results improve. This is true in business, in friendship and in politics. Compromising on character for the sake of ideological alignment is short-sighted and damaging.As citizens we focus too much on narrow policy disagreements rather than fundamental character traits. Leaders that possess good character and are professionals in the art of governing will find good solutions for all. It is our job to hire the best person for the job. The best person for the job is a post-partisan that acts with integrity.

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