How To Attract Accountable Politicians

Let’s take the example of two businesses. Business A has a culture of carefully hiring employees, monthly performance evaluations and a policy to only fire any employee who rates ‘low performing’ for two consecutive months. Business B has culture of evaluating performance once a year, no clear definition of ‘low performing’ and does not fire employees in a consistent manner.

Clear expectations are set up front for new hires at Company A. If they are rated ‘low performing’ they understand they need to improve immediately or be fired. This culture attracts the type of person who appreciates accountability while simultaneously weeds out low performers.

New hires at Company B quickly learn the system can be easily gamed. They realize that internal politics is rewarded more than high performance. This culture attracts the type of person who plays politics while simultaneously repels those who value high performance.

“Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I will behave. If you measure me in an illogical way… do not complain about illogical behavior… “ — Eli Goldratt

We currently have a political system that functions much like Company B. We have a culture of evaluating performance only at election time, no clear definition of ‘low performing’ and do not fire politicians in a consistent manner.

We designed ChangeRoots to empower people to ‘rate’ the performance of politicians on a weekly basis. These ‘ratings’ impact their ability to keep their job or get fired. The more ‘keep it ups’ a politician earns the more campaign contributions they accumulate which makes it easier to get re-elected. The more ‘do betters’ a politician earns the more contributions their opponent accumulates which makes it more likely they lose their election a.k.a get fired.

Over time it will become clear what the ChangeRoots community expects from politicians. Those who do not meet those expectations will learn they need improve immediately or risk getting fired. This culture will attract the type of politician that appreciates accountability while simultaneously weeding out low performers.

The challenge we take upon ourselves is to ensure the expectations that emerge from our community are values that are good for the country. My vision is to cultivate an ethos of post-partisanship within the ChangeRoots community: a world beyond political parties that has a bias for integrity, listens to all sides and — above all else — values win-win solutions.

How we cultivate post-partisanship defines everything we do at ChangeRoots. We look at each part of our design, team, values, communications, process, product and style through the lens of post-partisanship. As our understanding of post-partisanship evolves so will ChangeRoots. I’ll let you in on a secret; the majority of people want post-partisanship. They are exhausted from this bullshit political tribalism and grandstanding. I simply hope we’re the spark for something much bigger.

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