There’s a New Post Partisan Movement Building a World Rooted in Love


We created ChangeRoots to help build world rooted in love, where we stand for wellbeing over political loyalty. This we call post partisanship. 


Our mission is to equip people to influence politicians to do better and prioritize us — the people — over their political team. We empower people to support leaders that rise above partisanship, bridge divides and create resilient, win-win solutions.

How We Do That

Through the ChangeRoots app, users micro-donate to U.S. politicians or their opponents by tapping “like” or “dislike” on curated statements published on a Twitter-like feed. To make it easy for the user to reward post-partisanship, each statement featured on the feed is tagged as post-partisan, toxic, or neutral based on our proprietary tribalism framework. We gamified the app experience to reward users who encourage post-partisan behavior. We also educate our users through the Politidex, which breaks down and compares policies between politicians, quizzes, and partisan scores.

Why Will That Work

Micro-donations tied to specific statements deliver politicians clear incentives. Politicians are shown exactly why they received funding or why their opponent did. The more politicians take post partisan actions, the more funding they get from the ChangeRoots community. The more they take toxic actions, the more funding their opponent gets. It becomes a very simple equation for politicians. Act post-partisan, get funded. Act toxic, get fired.

A Movement Harnessing Existing Energy

ChangeRoots harnesses the growing energy and numbers of younger Americans who are fed up with tribalism and demanding better from leaders and government. Our generations, Millennials and Gen Z, vote with our wallets and choose what companies to buy from based on values rather than price. We feel more fulfilled when we are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues. We don’t identify with either political party in record numbers because the current system doesn’t work for us.

Meet The Next Generation Where They Are

We connect with each other online, in group chats and through social apps. We research before making decisions, spend our money as an expression of our values, and are most fulfilled when participating in movements we believe will make the world better.

ChangeRoots is designed with all of that in mind. ChangeRoots empowers us to influence politicians through a social app, provides data and sources, and enables us to vote with our wallets to incentivize politicians to put us over their self-interest.

Provide Impactful Knowledge

Millennials and Gen Z’s appetite for data, high design standards, and short attention spans mean we want information to be easily accessible and clear.

The ChangeRoots app provides a new way to compare policies and politicians. Stances are broken down in plain english and politicians can be compared side by side through an intuitive design. ChangeRoots contextualizes politicians by providing campaign finance data, professional experience, a data-driven bipartisan score, and a data-driven legislative effectiveness score. This data and design helps users quickly identify which politicians align with their values and empowers them to more confident action on what matters to them.

Empower Potent Action

After arming users with rich and relevant knowledge, ChangeRoots empowers potent action. ChangeRoots transforms one of the most effective weapons in politics — money — into a potent tool of good.

By enabling users to deliver positive or negative reinforcement through micro-donations just by tapping “like” or “dislike” on a politician’s statement, ChangeRoots puts a powerful mechanism of behavioral influence into a smartphone app. The social features pool the community’s money together into powerful force. No longer just an individual at the mercy of a broken system, the ChangeRoots movement bands together to change the power structure.

This is all made possible by a confluence of technological, legal, societal and behavioral advances. Technology recently made one-tap micro donations seamless, campaign finance rules changed to allow funds to raise money for eventual electoral opponents and Twitter normalized tracking specific statements via a feed and our generation now signals our values by how we spend our money. All of these elements come together on ChangeRoots to give our movement a real shot at making a difference. We won’t just be gathering a large group asking for vague change, we ask our community to put their money where their mouth is and make specific demands that carry real consequences.

Post Partisanship Not Tribalism

ChangeRoots provides knowledge and tools to help us move beyond partisanship into something better. ChangeRoots empowers people to lead with love, treat people with respect and help leaders develop powerful solutions to complex problems. We call this post-partisanship. A hallmark of post-partisanship is bridging behavior. Bridging unifies us and incorporates different ideas and perspectives to benefit all in society. Bridging finds common ground and seeks win-win solutions.

What we see today is post partisanship’s opposite; tribalism. A tribal mind distrusts and fears others they deem different. Tribalism divides the world into teams and believes the “other side” is inferior. Tribalism stokes fear, contempt and hate.

ChangeRoots trains both those in the movement and the leaders they influence how to bridge, not break. ChangeRoots trains people through systematic education and content delivered through the app. It trains politicians by channeling donations to them each time they act in a post partisan way while funding their opponent each time they act tribal.

Community Driven

At the end of the day, we aspire to be shepherds of this movement. We want to offer our vision for a better world, build effective tools, and offer guidance we think may help. Ultimately, this movement is driven by the people. They have the power, we’re simply here to remind them of that and make it easier for them to claim it for themselves.

Jake Sandler is CEO and cofounder of ChangeRoots, a startup on a mission to end toxic partisanship by empowering Millennials to wield micro donations as positive and negative reinforcement for politicians.

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