The Carbon Dividends Plan

Let’s check-in on Jake and his stone cold fox for another Poconos edition of 1 Take Jake. Today’s topic? The Carbon Dividends Plan.

Carbon Dividends: Say What?

The Carbon Dividends Plan is an excellent example of post-partisan legislation. This plan was written by the Secretary of State for George Bush and Ronald Reagan. It’s been endorsed by Stephen Hawking, The Nature Conservancy, ExxonMobil, and various prominent Democrats and Republicans.

In short, this is a rare example of a piece of post-partisan legislation tackling a very important issue the world is facing: Global warming.

The two main points of the plan are as follows; 

  1. It’s a carbon tax, affecting companies that produce CO2 emissions. 
  2. It’s a dividend, so the money from the tax would be sent directly to Americans. 

A Win for Post-Partisanship

Why do we want to highlight this? 

We don’t usually endorse legislation at ChangeRoots, because of our post-partisan ethos. But this is a rare example of both sides coming together, taking ideas, respecting each other, and coming up with a plan that will meet an incredibly important global standard. As the Paris Agreement says, we need to reduce emissions from 2005 levels by 50% by 2035. 

Independent analysis of this plan says that it will meet that standard. So, we’re asking you to take a look at it: The Carbon Dividends Plan by the Climate Leadership Council. And we’re asking you to become aware of how we can actually step into a better way of producing legislation by taking good ideas from both sides.

Post-Partisan Take

In politics today, there are few examples of policies that bring both sides ideas together creatively to solve problems. That can make it tough to connect with our vision of a post partisan world, because imagining what creative solutions look like is hard.

This proposed plan is what that creative solutioning looks like. It meets the environmental goals the liberals want and the economic protections conservatives want.

Now…what if politicians found similar creative solutions for other partisan disagreements? A Post Partisan world means knowing that creative solutions exist; we just have to create them.

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