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Here are our latest thoughts on partisanship

The Carbon Dividends Plan

Let’s check-in on Jake and his stone cold fox for another Poconos edition of 1 Take Jake. Today’s topic? The Carbon Dividends Plan. Carbon Dividends: Say What? The Carbon Dividends Plan is an excellent example of post-partisan legislation. This plan was written by the Secretary of State for George Bush and Ronald Reagan. It’s beenContinue reading “The Carbon Dividends Plan”

A Data-Driven Way to Measure Partisanship

TL;DR: The Partisanship Score on the ChangeRoots App This outlines the data used in the PoPa (Post Partisan) Score on the ChangeRoots App. We measure dollars donated, bipartisanship, whether candidates support an end to gerrymandering, and whether candidates support ranked choice voting (which has been proven to help depolarize the municipalities that use it). OriginallyContinue reading “A Data-Driven Way to Measure Partisanship”

What’s GNW and Why Should We Measure It?

We’re back with another Poconos edition of 1 Take Jake. Let’s call this the American Flag Episode.  GNW: Nuts and Bolts Our philosophy at ChangeRoots is all about post-partisanship. Our ultimate goal is to help us get to a place as a country where we prioritize the well-being of all, over political loyalty. In post-partisanship,Continue reading “What’s GNW and Why Should We Measure It?”

Toxic Partisanship Disrupts Our Healthcare System

Welcome to the Poconos edition of One Take Jake. Join Jake Sandler in a discussion about how toxic partisanship disrupts the U.S. healthcare system. We define toxic partisanship as valuing political revenge over the well-being of people and valuing your political loyalties over the well-being of all. Once our country recovers from the COVID-19 crisis,Continue reading “Toxic Partisanship Disrupts Our Healthcare System”

Life in the Stimulation

We Need A Post-Partisan World Now More Than Ever At ChangeRoots, we stand for a post-partisan world rooted in love. A world where leaders prioritize our well-being over their political loyalty. COVID-19 presents us with an opportunity to step closer into that world. It has exposed the vulnerability of our health, food, and economic systems.Continue reading “Life in the Stimulation”

Congress Picks Up the Bill

TL; DR: Congress passes relief bill  By now, you’ve heard about the coronavirus (COVID-19) that is spreading across the globe. As of March 18, 2020, all 50 states are reporting cases of the virus. The total count in the US has reached 5,881 confirmed cases and 107 deaths (source NYTimes).  With city-wide shutdowns, people areContinue reading “Congress Picks Up the Bill”

The Primary Concern: A Better Way to Hold Primaries

1 Thing Thursday : Un-Sexy Primaries Welcome to our weekly breakdown of political issues within a post-partisan context that puts our wellbeing over political loyalty.  TL;DR: A Better Way To Primary The way we choose presidential nominees is like using a flip phone in the iPhone era. Statewide elections held at different times that requireContinue reading “The Primary Concern: A Better Way to Hold Primaries”

There’s a New Post Partisan Movement Building a World Rooted in Love

Vision We created ChangeRoots to help build world rooted in love, where we stand for wellbeing over political loyalty. This we call post partisanship.  Mission Our mission is to equip people to influence politicians to do better and prioritize us — the people — over their political team. We empower people to support leaders that rise above partisanship, bridgeContinue reading “There’s a New Post Partisan Movement Building a World Rooted in Love”

6 Ways to Depolarize American Politics

Polarization is a scientific term to describe the nature of two magnets that physically repel one another. An invisible force literally pushes polarized objects away from each other.  When discussing polarization in politics this strikes me as an apt metaphor. Polarized politicians repel those in the other party with their behavior. They push those outsideContinue reading “6 Ways to Depolarize American Politics”

A Practical Guide To Tracking Political Donations in the US

In my journey building my own civic tech company, I have spent what feels like thousands of hours looking at every political website and app in existence. I’ve looked deeply into who donates to politicians, how much they donate and how campaigns spend that money. We’ve included a lot of this information in the ChangeRootsContinue reading “A Practical Guide To Tracking Political Donations in the US”

4 Ways to Detect Media Bias and Step Outside the Partisan Bubble

Our overall trust in the media has hit an all-time low and it can be difficult to find good news sources exposing you to multiple sides of an issue. Worries about accuracy and bias increase our mistrust while the sheer volume of content can be debilitating when searching for differing yet credible opinions.  The goodContinue reading “4 Ways to Detect Media Bias and Step Outside the Partisan Bubble”

What is Bipartisanship, Really?

Simply put, bipartisanship is working with the other party to get something done. It’s opposite, partisanship, is working only to get done what your party wants, at the expense of the other party.  Zero-Sum Partisans Partisans believe the world is zero-sum, meaning they believe there is a fixed amount of prosperity to go around andContinue reading “What is Bipartisanship, Really?”

3 Ways to Make A Difference: Changing The World With Political Awareness

It’s easy to feel powerless given our politics today. It feels like the media, big money and the elite are manipulating the system to their benefit at the expense of everybody else. You’re not wrong. But we can’t let that continue. Each of us can do our small part to make our republic better soContinue reading “3 Ways to Make A Difference: Changing The World With Political Awareness”

Creating a Post-Partisan America: Why I Started ChangeRoots

This month, my co-founder and I are launching a new app that enables individuals to use their quarters to reward or punish politicians for their actions. It’s called ChangeRoots. My ultimate motivation is to contribute to a world where it is easy for people to live a whole and good life. Our contribution, ChangeRoots, isContinue reading “Creating a Post-Partisan America: Why I Started ChangeRoots”

Funding Political Opponents Is Effective

A common reaction to ChangeRoots is: “Why am I giving money to someone’s electoral opponent? I don’t want to give some politician money just because their opponent did something I dislike, that doesn’t make sense to me.” Learn more about why I created ChangeRoots and what it is. That is a rational reaction. I’d likeContinue reading “Funding Political Opponents Is Effective”

A great 8min speech on post partisanship

CHANGEROOTS TAKE Sup fam. We’re not only going to start highlighting politicians who call for a more respectful and reasonable way to treat those they disagree with, but we are going to start incentivizing our Troublemakers to donate to politicians on both sides who call for adventurous civility.  We expect people to hate on us.Continue reading “A great 8min speech on post partisanship”

Systematic thinkers are the partisan sheep

We often think we choose our political team based on our policy preferences. However, research has found we often choose our political team primarily for social and emotional reasons. This is because the people we love are on a certain team, the team gives us a sense of belonging and our self esteem is tiedContinue reading “Systematic thinkers are the partisan sheep”

Political Feedback 101

The key ingredients to effective feedback are: specificity, immediacy and impact The history of behavioral science has taught us that a positive or negative reinforcement is most effective if the consequence is (1) specifically tied to the triggering action, (2) is delivered immediately following the triggering action and (3) has a meaningful impact upon theContinue reading “Political Feedback 101”

How To Attract Accountable Politicians

Let’s take the example of two businesses. Business A has a culture of carefully hiring employees, monthly performance evaluations and a policy to only fire any employee who rates ‘low performing’ for two consecutive months. Business B has culture of evaluating performance once a year, no clear definition of ‘low performing’ and does not fireContinue reading “How To Attract Accountable Politicians”

Solve for Integrity First

We all want a better world, but what does that look like? How can we achieve it? What are the right steps? The first ones? A better world is best accomplished when those in power first and foremost have integrity. Integrity is being honest and honoring your word. A democracy full of politicians with integrityContinue reading “Solve for Integrity First”

Character Over Party

I have a new mantra. I don’t care what party you identify with. I care that you have integrity. Are eager to work across the aisle. And have the courage to accept short-term pain for long-term gain. Take a moment and step outside your political ideology. Consider the qualities you want in someone you chooseContinue reading “Character Over Party”

Encourage Competition with Campaign Finance

Sitting politicians fundraise throughout the year from lobbyists, interest groups and supporters vying for influence. They develop the networks and infrastructure to capitalize on their position of power. And they accumulate large amounts of money ready to deploy against competitive threats. In this way sitting politicians are like big corporations. In contrast, most potential congressionalContinue reading “Encourage Competition with Campaign Finance”

A Political Performance Review

The science of performance reviews has dramatically improved in the last few years. The best companies have moved from ineffective annual reviews to frequent check-ins where employees receive direct feedback against specific goals and company values. In the new model, employees knows when they’re succeeding or failing. Good performers get promoted early and often, poorContinue reading “A Political Performance Review”

Conservatives’ Yin to Liberals’ Yang

Moral Psychology’s Argument for Appreciating The Other Side Jonathan Haidt is one of my favorite thinkers on moral and political psychology. I recently re-watched his 2008 TED Talk, “The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives”. There are a number of salient points I find worth sharing. Societies and cultures are incredibly complex systems that haveContinue reading “Conservatives’ Yin to Liberals’ Yang”

After Integrity, Then What?

This is a follow up to my earlier blog Solve For Integrity First. When we achieve the remarkable feat of a government full of leaders who act with integrity, what then? I believe our country will be best off by incentivizing the development of policy with two fundamental qualities that transcend petty party politics: omni-positivismContinue reading “After Integrity, Then What?”

Solve for Integrity First

We all want a better world, but what does that look like? How can we achieve it? What are the right steps? The first ones? A better world is best accomplished when those in power first and foremost have integrity. Integrity is being honest and honoring your word. A democracy full of politicians with integrityContinue reading “Solve for Integrity First”

How ranked-choice voting slays toxic partisanship

TL;DR: Ranked-choice voting is dope. Think of it as a ninja in the fight against toxic partisanship. It reduces negative campaigning. It eliminates the ability for a third party candidate to “spoil” an election. It increases the likelihood moderate candidates win. It increases voter turnout. Okay I’m intrigued, but what is it actually? Ranked-choice votingContinue reading “How ranked-choice voting slays toxic partisanship”