Tired Of PoliticIANS LyinG?

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TOXIC Behavior Has Become Normal In Today’s Politics.

AND Both Sides Are Guilty!

why should you trust us?

When surfing today’s airwaves, skepticism is good.  Full stop. So, why should you trust us?

Some thoughts:

  1. We’re post-partisan. Political news today is nearly always right or left. We’re not. The ChangeRoots’s app displays the good news, the bad news, the useful stuff and the silly stuff from all sides.
  2. We use quotes. We do as much as we can to avoid editorializing. The ChangeRoots’ feed is straight from the politician’s mouth whenever possible.
  3. We’re data driven. We don’t want to tell you what to think; we just show you the data.
  4. We do our best to avoid bias.  Studies show that bias turns people off. We’re trying to turn you on.
  5. We know we can do better. We’re human. We welcome criticism. We tell our users to look out for people who say they have all the answers. We’re no different.

Take the ChangeRoots app for a spin and judge for yourself. We think you’ll quickly see how different we are from all of the other apps!

Android app coming soonish.