Life in the Stimulation

We Need A Post-Partisan World Now More Than Ever At ChangeRoots, we stand for a post-partisan world rooted in love. A world where leaders prioritize our well-being over their political loyalty. COVID-19 presents us with an opportunity to step closer into that world. It has exposed the vulnerability of our health, food, and economic systems.Continue reading “Life in the Stimulation”

Congress Picks Up the Bill

TL; DR: Congress passes relief bill  By now, you’ve heard about the coronavirus (COVID-19) that is spreading across the globe. As of March 18, 2020, all 50 states are reporting cases of the virus. The total count in the US has reached 5,881 confirmed cases and 107 deaths (source NYTimes).  With city-wide shutdowns, people areContinue reading “Congress Picks Up the Bill”

The Primary Concern: A Better Way to Hold Primaries

1 Thing Thursday : Un-Sexy Primaries Welcome to our weekly breakdown of political issues within a post-partisan context that puts our wellbeing over political loyalty.  TL;DR: A Better Way To Primary The way we choose presidential nominees is like using a flip phone in the iPhone era. Statewide elections held at different times that requireContinue reading “The Primary Concern: A Better Way to Hold Primaries”

There’s a New Post Partisan Movement Building a World Rooted in Love

Vision We created ChangeRoots to help build world rooted in love, where we stand for wellbeing over political loyalty. This we call post partisanship.  Mission Our mission is to equip people to influence politicians to do better and prioritize us — the people — over their political team. We empower people to support leaders that rise above partisanship, bridgeContinue reading “There’s a New Post Partisan Movement Building a World Rooted in Love”

6 Ways to Depolarize American Politics

Polarization is a scientific term to describe the nature of two magnets that physically repel one another. An invisible force literally pushes polarized objects away from each other.  When discussing polarization in politics this strikes me as an apt metaphor. Polarized politicians repel those in the other party with their behavior. They push those outsideContinue reading “6 Ways to Depolarize American Politics”

A Practical Guide To Tracking Political Donations in the US

In my journey building my own civic tech company, I have spent what feels like thousands of hours looking at every political website and app in existence. I’ve looked deeply into who donates to politicians, how much they donate and how campaigns spend that money. We’ve included a lot of this information in the ChangeRootsContinue reading “A Practical Guide To Tracking Political Donations in the US”

4 Ways to Detect Media Bias and Step Outside the Partisan Bubble

Our overall trust in the media has hit an all-time low and it can be difficult to find good news sources exposing you to multiple sides of an issue. Worries about accuracy and bias increase our mistrust while the sheer volume of content can be debilitating when searching for differing yet credible opinions.  The goodContinue reading “4 Ways to Detect Media Bias and Step Outside the Partisan Bubble”