Funding Political Opponents Is Effective

A common reaction to ChangeRoots is: “Why am I giving money to someone’s electoral opponent? I don’t want to give some politician money just because their opponent did something I dislike, that doesn’t make sense to me.” Learn more about why I created ChangeRoots and what it is. That is a rational reaction. I’d likeContinue reading “Funding Political Opponents Is Effective”

A great 8min speech on post partisanship

CHANGEROOTS TAKE Sup fam. We’re not only going to start highlighting politicians who call for a more respectful and reasonable way to treat those they disagree with, but we are going to start incentivizing our Troublemakers to donate to politicians on both sides who call for adventurous civility.  We expect people to hate on us.Continue reading “A great 8min speech on post partisanship”

Systematic thinkers are the partisan sheep

We often think we choose our political team based on our policy preferences. However, research has found we often choose our political team primarily for social and emotional reasons. This is because the people we love are on a certain team, the team gives us a sense of belonging and our self esteem is tiedContinue reading “Systematic thinkers are the partisan sheep”

Political Feedback 101

The key ingredients to effective feedback are: specificity, immediacy and impact The history of behavioral science has taught us that a positive or negative reinforcement is most effective if the consequence is (1) specifically tied to the triggering action, (2) is delivered immediately following the triggering action and (3) has a meaningful impact upon theContinue reading “Political Feedback 101”

How To Attract Accountable Politicians

Let’s take the example of two businesses. Business A has a culture of carefully hiring employees, monthly performance evaluations and a policy to only fire any employee who rates ‘low performing’ for two consecutive months. Business B has culture of evaluating performance once a year, no clear definition of ‘low performing’ and does not fireContinue reading “How To Attract Accountable Politicians”

Encourage Competition with Campaign Finance

Sitting politicians fundraise throughout the year from lobbyists, interest groups and supporters vying for influence. They develop the networks and infrastructure to capitalize on their position of power. And they accumulate large amounts of money ready to deploy against competitive threats. In this way sitting politicians are like big corporations. In contrast, most potential congressionalContinue reading “Encourage Competition with Campaign Finance”

A Political Performance Review

The science of performance reviews has dramatically improved in the last few years. The best companies have moved from ineffective annual reviews to frequent check-ins where employees receive direct feedback against specific goals and company values. In the new model, employees knows when they’re succeeding or failing. Good performers get promoted early and often, poorContinue reading “A Political Performance Review”

Conservatives’ Yin to Liberals’ Yang

Moral Psychology’s Argument for Appreciating The Other Side Jonathan Haidt is one of my favorite thinkers on moral and political psychology. I recently re-watched his 2008 TED Talk, “The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives”. There are a number of salient points I find worth sharing. Societies and cultures are incredibly complex systems that haveContinue reading “Conservatives’ Yin to Liberals’ Yang”