After Integrity, Then What?

This is a follow up to my earlier blog Solve For Integrity First. When we achieve the remarkable feat of a government full of leaders who act with integrity, what then? I believe our country will be best off by incentivizing the development of policy with two fundamental qualities that transcend petty party politics: omni-positivismContinue reading “After Integrity, Then What?”

How ranked-choice voting slays toxic partisanship

TL;DR: Ranked-choice voting is dope. Think of it as a ninja in the fight against toxic partisanship. It reduces negative campaigning. It eliminates the ability for a third party candidate to “spoil” an election. It increases the likelihood moderate candidates win. It increases voter turnout. Okay I’m intrigued, but what is it actually? Ranked-choice votingContinue reading “How ranked-choice voting slays toxic partisanship”