Frequently Asked Questions

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Tapping “do better” contributes money to the candidate political action committee (PAC) of the general election opponent of the politician listed on the feed item.

For now, that means it is almost always going to a candidate who is a member of the listed politician’s opposing party.

Example: West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (Democrat) is the listed politician in the tile below. He is up for re-election in 2018. Every “Do better” tap on the tile depicted below sends a quarter to the campaign PAC of his 2018 opponent - Patrick Morrisey (Republican).

If the listed politician does not yet have an opponent, the money is put into a “nominee fund” for that specific race. Nominee funds are pots of money, raised in advance, for the eventual nominee in a specific district.

Example: California Senator Kamala Harris (Democrat) is up for re-election in 2022. Every “Do better” tap on the tile depicted below sends a quarter to our California Junior Senator Republican 2022 nominee fund. That money will be held until a Republican nominee wins the primary election for that seat. As soon as the general election candidate is chosen all funds in that nominee fund are immediately sent to that candidate.

We will soon be rolling out the ability for users to also choose to contribute to a primary opponent (who would be in the same party) of the listed politician.

Choosing what goes on the feed content is the most critical, challenging and interesting part of ChangeRoots. We are human and will most definitely get it wrong from time to time. We will sometimes be blind to our own biases. We will have hypotheses about what you want to see that are completely wrong.

We commit to you that we will learn from our mistakes, consistently do better and always strive to create a delightful experience.

We post tweets and news article snippets about politicians onto our feed. We choose which tweets and snippets go on our feed based on a combination of the following characteristics:

  • It has high twitter engagement (likes, comments, retweets)
  • It is about a politician that has high name recognition
  • It is about a politician in a highly competitive race
  • It is about a relevant issue leading the news cycle
  • It represents an alternative perspective to a relevant issue - e.g. provides a conservative perspective to a liberal leaning feed item

We are constantly refining our methodology, measuring how posts perform and evolving our approach for selecting posts. We’d love your feedback, hit us up at

ChangeRoots is post-partisan.

Post-partisanship transcends political tribalism, welcomes ideas from all perspectives and above all else values omni-positive (win-win) solutions.

Said another way: No affiliation to political parties, just a bias for good ideas.

See our answer to “How do you choose content?” above

Content on ChangeRoots is selected from various sources by our internal team.

In a word: Self-interest.

Politicians primarily care about getting elected. The data shows that the more money a politician has relative to their electoral opponent the more likely they are to win their election.

Every time you contribute a total of $10 to politicians on ChangeRoots, we charge your credit card $10 + whatever tip amount you have selected. We charge users every $10 of contributions rather than charging you upfront because of campaign finance requirements.

There is one fee: our payments partner, Democracy Engine, collects 4% + $0.30 out of every $10 contribution as a processing fee.

Separately, ChangeRoots earns whatever each user generously decides to tip us.

The tip amount you select is sent to ChangeRoots each time you contribute a total of $10 to politicians.

ChangeRoots is a for profit mission-based company. We believe it is profoundly important to find sustainable business models to solutions that improve our world.

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) requires we collect this information.

ChangeRoots is not a PAC. However, our payments processor, Democracy Engine works with a PAC to handle earmarking and distributing donations to campaigns in a compliant manner.

Donations to candidates or nominee funds are earmarked donations to Democracy Engine Inc. PAC (FEC ID C00468314).

Your contribution history can be viewed on the “My contributions” tab of your profile. Your profile can be accessed by clicking (desktop) or tapping (mobile) the icon in the top right of the app.